Valentine's Day Decorations and a Free Printable!

I put up a few Valentine's Day decorations today.  I don't have a mantle, which I think is the best spot for holiday decor, so I put mine on the kitchen counter.  Maybe this will remind Zach that Valentine's Day is approaching and he can plan accordingly.  He is a Valentine's Day scrooge.  

Here's a quick break down.  I cut out the glitter hearts from a glitter craft foam sheet I got at Hobby Lobby, for under a dollar.  Then I hot glued the hearts to the ribbon.  This was quite the process because my cat kept laying on my ribbon while I worked.  The candles are just plain white candles, I wrapped heart shaped ribbon around them that I bought from the Target dollar section.  The XOXO print I made in Microsoft Word, and the framed heart I simply cut out of scrapbook paper.  The other accessories are things I had around the house.

My original plan was to use this print that I designed, but then my printer decided to stop working.  Wah-waaah.  So I thought I would put it here for you instead!  Just click to enlarge, save to your computer, print, and frame to add to your own Valentine's Day vignette.

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