The bedroom makeover so going slowly but steadily. I'm in the market for a new fan. We like the sound of a desk fan on while we're sleeping, but the current one I have is pretty ugly.

I think a metal retro looking fan would be much better.

Top Row - $34.50, $89.04, $49.99
Bottom Row - $53.91, $69.99, $96.99

Bookshelves in the kitchen

I love this idea of using a simple bookshelf to display dishes and other kitchen items. It is unexpected, functional, and too cute.

sunset shelf
Sunset Magazine

malia's shelf
My friend Malia's shelf.

Kelsey's Kitchen

Alphabet Wall

Just saw this on Apartment Therapy. Love this idea for a kid's room.

alphabet wall


Let's talk throw pillows. There are a lot of pretty designer pillows out there, the problem is they're $90 bucks plus. I don't know about you but I don't like spending more than about $20 on a throw pillow, because well, it's a throw pillow people. Here are some good looking cheapies I have been eyeing.

Top Row - Zebra Print $11, Embroidered Blue Roses $13, Green Floral $14.99
Bottom Row - Teal Floral $19.99, Citrus Scroll $13, Blue and Green Floral $12.88

Design Advice - Cailean's Entry Way

Cailean asked me for some help with her entry way table and surrounding area. Here's her e-mail and a picture of the space as it looks now:

I'm wondering what you would do with a space like this? It's right by our front door. The entry table is very helpful for library books and to have a lamp but it ends up looking very blah. The space above our mantel is also empty. I really love bright colors with black or white as a base. I wouldn't mind an all white house with pops of color! Anyway, colors like bright canary yellow, turquoise, red or hot pink, etc. I think my main issue is we have a mantel with two blank spots on either side and I'm not sure if we should hang something on either side of the mantel AND above it or just above the mantel. The side table needs......something! But it needs to be useful for the books.


Here's what I came up with to brighten up Cailean's space.

cailean plan

Cailean's plan 2

1. I think an entry way table is a great place to hang a mirror; you can give yourself one last look before leaving the house. This one from Target is affordable and cute.

2. For above the mantle I wanted to find something large enough to make a statement without spending too much. Framing this beautiful gift wrap meets both criteria, it's size is 22"X34" and it's only $3.75.

3. Although not shown in the picture, Cailean was worried about the blank wall on the other side of the mantle. I think this is a great place for some more art work, but in a smaller scale. These butterfly prints have all the bright colors Cailean loves and are only $25 for the set.

4. An entry table always needs something to catch mail and keys. Something like this simple bowl would be perfect.

5. Right now Cailean's kids use the table as a dumping ground for their books and school work. A couple of baskets placed beneath the table would be a great way to keep these items organized and out of sight, but still accessible to the kids.

6. A few modern vases on top of the mantle would add a little interest.

7. Lastly, a canister to collect loose change would also help to organize the entry table.

Good luck Cailean! Need some design advice? E-mail me!

For Sale

We're selling our couch and matching arm chair on Craigslist. Here's the listing if you are interested, both are in pretty good shape and are well made. They would be great for a first apartment.

misc 002

WaterLeaf Interiors

I am not a huge fan of the beachy look, but after seeing these photos from the WaterLeaf Interiors portfolio I may change my mind. I like that the look is coastal but also contemporary.


You can find a similar zebra ottoman at Target for $49.99. And yes I pretty much have a running inventory in my mind of Target's current products.




I love these sconces.

Tree Art

Love this living room by Massucco Warner Miller design firm.

tree art

The art above the sofa reminded me of this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters.

urban showera

I think you could get the same look by framing this shower curtain in a large Ikea frame, or mounting it to an art canvas with a staple gun. Easy and cheap art!

AZ Magazine

I recently had the opportunity to write a freelance piece on some of my DIY projects for AZ Magazine. Laura Trujillo wrote a little intro about me, and a photographer even came to my house. It was so much fun! Here is the article. My scanner is not awesome, sorry.

(click images to enlarge via Flickr)

Article Page 1

Article Page 2

Article Page 3

Article Page 4

The article will also be in the Arizona Republic May 1st.

Color Me Friday

I've decided to feature a color I am loving every Friday. I'm feeling the navy blue these days.

Decor Pad

navy sofa
Oh Happy Day

breakfast nook
Erin McLaughlin

Top Row: Rug, Curtains, Fabric
Bottom Row: Vases, Dinnerware, Poster