Sofa Shopping

We want a chaise sectional sofa. We watch a lot of movies at home and I want something we can both fit on comfortably. I also would like to not spend a million dollars.

This one is from JC Penney
$500 on sale
91 inches long
Not sure about the color and not sure I want microsuede because of the cat hair factor.

This one is from Cost Plus World Market
$700 on sale
84.5 inches long
Love the look of this one, but I think it would get dirty fast, and it might be too small?
world market

This one is from Macy's.
$2,700 (Yikes. But it goes on sale sometimes for $1,700.)
117 inches long (Maybe too big?)
Zach really wants leather. I think leather would be good because cat hair won't stick to it and it will be durable when we have kids; but this is the only leather couch I've found that I like.

Sofa shopping is hard.


Changed my living room around. Unfortunately it didn't make my couch any less ugly.

Living Room4

misc 002

Isn't it awesome when you have big plans for your tax return that involve a new couch and maybe a mini vacation, and then your accountant calls with the news that you broke even? Super.

Oh moss green couch, how I hate you.


I look at furniture on Craigslist a lot and sometimes I even e-mail the owners, but I never buy anything. Two reasons - I am lazy so I talk myself out of it; or if I don't, Zach usually doesn't want to use his truck to go pick up the furniture. So instead I'll share my finds with you, hopefully you are less lazy and you have a more cooperative husband.

{all from Phoenix Craigslist}

1. $100
2. $75
3. $25
4. $100
5. $100
6. $100

How amazing would this stuff be with some paint/new hardware/reupholstered? Very amazing.


Have you seen the new Dwell Studio stuff at Target? Well you should buy all of it; then I'll take it off your hands for you.







And if you're questioning the cuteness of this pillow, I direct you to the February Country Living cover.


Don't underestimate their kitchen linens either.

dwell kitch


However I will tell you I own some Dwell Studio kitchen towels and they get really wrinkled after you wash them, and who wants to iron kitchen towels? The answer is no one.

Linen Closet

Another closet post. What can I say, I love organizing closets. Especially at about 10:45 at night. Which is when these were taken - so sorry for the craptastic lighting.

closet 016

closet 015

And from the pros:

{Better Homes and Gardens}

linen closet
{Martha Stewart}

{Better Homes and Gardens}

Here are my tips:
  1. Buy matching baskets/bins, or at least pick one color and stick to it throughout your whole house. One, that just makes me happy in way that only cohesive closets can; and two, if you need to move a basket to another closet, you know it will still match. Which will allow you to sleep at night if you're like me.
  2. If you're storing something pretty, like soap - put it in a clear vase. If it's ugly, hide it in basket or bin.
  3. Take everything out of it's ugly cardboard packaging, like light bulbs or batteries. It saves on space, it looks better, and it's easier to grab something you need.

Bedroom Dreams

I really want to start decorating our bedroom, but we decided we should wait to buy any bedding until we get a king sized bed. I tend to sleep in the shape of the letter "K" according to Zach, and so our queen is not cutting it.

However have you looked at king sized pillow top mattress prices? I'm going to be turning tricks on the corner to afford one.

Until then, let's just look at some pretty bedrooms shall we?

{Canadian House and Home}

wood headboard
{I forgot?}

{House Beautiful}

{House Beautiful}

{Elle Decor}

{Metroplitan Home}

{I forgot?}


Closet Organizer

If you're looking for a way to store your purses, shower curtain hooks work like the bomb dot com.

My Closet

I got the idea from Real Simple:
Real Simple

However I find Real Simple to be hit or miss. Like the one time they told me to wrap scarves and tablecloths around mailing tubes to avoid them getting wrinkled.
mailing tubes
Sure, I'll just be wrapping all my scarves around mailing tubes and tying them off with a bow if you need me.

And then the time they told me to wrap plastic bags around my knees while I'm gardening. No thanks Real Simple.
plastic bags
First of all who has hot pink plastic bags? Mine would have the Fry's logo all over them and it would look really classy.

Stainless Steel Island

My island arrived!

stainless steel island 001

I found it was a perfect home for my flying pig that Zach hates.
stainless steel island 004

Here it is in action, assisting Zach in making our morning pancakes, and holding my morning Diet Coke with lemon. Two very important things in life.
stainless steel island 007


So did you see this little post over at Oh Brooke? You can print this photo, as big as 11"x14", for free!

ella ella

Are you in love with it? You should be in love with it.

I shall put it in this imaginary bedroom.
1 - white bedding
2 - gray striped sheets
3 - pretty curtains
4 - red pillow, navy pillow
5 - Benjamin Moore Paint: "lookout point"
6 - i love lamp
7 - i've been obsessed with this rug for quite some time


I had been planning on buying this stainless steel kitchen island from Ikea:

Utby Kitchen Island - $328
utby kitchen island

But then I found this at Costco of all places, and it is almost exactly the same size (slightly bigger actually):

Trinity Stainless Steel Work Table - $139.99 (including shipping!)
trinity stainless steel work table
Not sure why they have it styled in the garage next to a car. The point is, it should be arriving at my door step any day now. YAY.

Behold the beauty of a stainless steel island. Behold it!
via Design*Sponge

via I forgot.

via Flickr