Sofa Shopping

We want a chaise sectional sofa. We watch a lot of movies at home and I want something we can both fit on comfortably. I also would like to not spend a million dollars.

This one is from JC Penney
$500 on sale
91 inches long
Not sure about the color and not sure I want microsuede because of the cat hair factor.

This one is from Cost Plus World Market
$700 on sale
84.5 inches long
Love the look of this one, but I think it would get dirty fast, and it might be too small?
world market

This one is from Macy's.
$2,700 (Yikes. But it goes on sale sometimes for $1,700.)
117 inches long (Maybe too big?)
Zach really wants leather. I think leather would be good because cat hair won't stick to it and it will be durable when we have kids; but this is the only leather couch I've found that I like.

Sofa shopping is hard.

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