A little progress

Slowly but surely making some progress in the nursery. So far we have:

- Emptied the room and closet, no easy task since this was formerly our office.
- Touched up paint
- Painted closet and installed closet system
- Bought a dresser ($80 bucks on Craigslist!)
- Placed rug in room
- Ordered and framed first piece of artwork

Here's how it looks now compliments of a poor quality phone camera. Even though we've done a lot of work, it still looks pretty sad and empy. But I'm loving the rug!!

nursery progress1

My next steps are:

- Order the crib
- Decide on hardware for dresser drawers
- Decide on a glider
- Continue hunt for curtains or fabric for DIY curtains

I also picked up this print that I hope to work into the room as well. It is "Collective" by Jodi Fuchs.

Jodi Fuchs Print