Design Advice : Tesi's Bedroom

Here's Tesi's e-mail:

I was going to try a light almost white purple on the wall with gray and then it kind of stopped there, but I'd love to hear what you think. I am looking to be "budget friendly" as you said, and I'd like to fit a small desk in there. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

Taking into account Tesi's purple and gray color scheme, here is what I came up with:

tesi's room

1. Striped gray bedding from Walmart if you can believe it.
2. Circle mirrors for above the bed. These are more affordable than one big mirror, and can be arranged in different ways.
3. Curtains from Ikea. Love this color of purple.
4. A pair of these cute lamps from PB Teen to put on either side of the bed.
5. Tesi wanted to fit a desk in the room, I think the best way to do that in this small space, is use a desk as one of her nightstands. This one is only about 28" wide and would work like a charm.
6. A wire wall letter for above the desk, T for Tesi of course.
7. A chair for the desk.
8. For the other side of the bed, this small nightstand.
9. Throw pillows for the bed, this cute purple one from West Elm.
10. This crisp white one is from Target.

Here is my suggested layout for the room:
Tesi's Room Layout

Good luck Tesi!

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