Surprising Finds at Kohl's

Anyone still out there?  I've have zero good excuses for why I haven't been blogging.  Are blogs still cool?  Seems like it's all about Instagram and Facebook these days, and I follow a lot of funny people on Twitter but haven't had the guts to post on it myself yet.  I know you were all dying to know my thoughts on social media so you're welcome!

Let us move on to more important matters, and that is Kohl's.  Good ol' Kohl's; always good for a laugh.  I usually find nothing there but the occasional surprisingly cute shoes.  Well I was pleasantly surprised again the other day when I found a really cute shower curtain for my daughter's bathroom!  It was from the brand Sonoma Life + Style, and when I got online I found several other cute home decor items from the same line.

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