Melissa's House

Hey remember when I used to post on this blog? Yeah me too. Well I decided to dust off my blogger dashboard today and show you these before and afters from my friend and client, Melissa. I've posted about the progress at her house a couple times, including the last post about the art I made for her kitchen. Today I'm showing you the pictures from her family room. This room is huge! We worked on it for a few months, and it's about 99% done now. She just has a few more pillows to add, her mom is making the covers for her and they're not quite done. But as you will see, it has come a long way.

Here's how it looked when they moved in, lots of red, lots of floral curtains.
melissa - before

And here's how it looks now, from the same angle.
melissa - after

View from the fireplace.
melissa - after1

melissa 005

We stayed budget friendly by incorporating a lot of things that Melissa already owned like her apothecary jars and candle holders.
melissa 008




melissa 015

Picture of Melissa's parents, along with a bowl full of ceramic number balls representing Melissa's wedding date and state she was marrried, AZ of course. This moss bowl was probably one of my favorite finds for her room, it's from Home Goods.

melissa 010

Love it! Some of these pictures are by me, some by Melissa. Thanks Melissa!

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