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This is me and my mom, Michelle. Did you know she studied interior design in college? Well she did. She is where I inherit my love for all things decor.

me and mom

We decided to start a little business venture, because we're crazy like that. It's called Tart House Design and our fees are super cheap; we will help you make your house look better on a budget. Don't be too impressed, but we already have TWO clients.

Here's what we did for our client, Heidi. Heidi wanted a new home office space. Here's how the process worked:

Consultation - We met with Heidi to talk about her ideas and assess what she already had in her house that would work for the room. We discussed functionality, style, color scheme, organization, etc.

Shopping - With Heidi's blessing and budget we purchased items for the room, keeping everything affordable. We used Ikea, thrift stores, and shopped the sales.

Install - Two weeks after the consultation we came back to put the room together for Heidi. We were finished in about four hours.

Here are the results:
Client already owned - desk, bookshelf, armchair

Heidi Before 5

Heidi's room 008

Heidi Before3

Heidi's room 029

Heidi Before2

Heidi's room 040
Each family member got their own entryway basket, labeled with their first initial.

We got her entryway table from a garage sale for $10 bucks. Here's how it looked before:
Table Before

A few more details:

Heidi's room 043

Heidi's room 021

Heidi's room 013

Heidi's room 036

The entire room cost about $275. If you live in the Phoenix area and want help with a room in your house send me an e-mail for details and rates!


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